In Memoriam

Bob Golden

Bob Golden reading poetry at open mic
Bob Golden

We remember our friend, Robert Golden.

Bob was a retired English professor and college dean from upstate New York who came to New Bern and hit the ground running. He volunteered in several organizations, including the local chapter of the Sierra Club, the Carolina Nature Coalition, a local walking club, the volunteer fire department, and of course, Nexus Poets. And even though Bob volunteered as many hours as many people work, he was generous with his time and never rushed or even said he was busy.

Bob had gentle heart and a dry sense of humor, and the locals miss hearing Bob’s poetic tales from his series about “Mr. Blah,” a cynical yet clever product of the modern day.

Our contest, the Robert Golden Poetry Contest, is dedicated to Bob and will open on September 1, 2019 and close on October 15, 2019.

Bob, Suzannah, Sam with Poetry in Plain Sight poster
Bob, Suzannah, and Sam hanging New Bern’s very first Poetry in Plain Sight poster. (Yes, Bob and Sam have the same “haircut.”)